Cheshire Voices for Equality Association (Black Lives Matter Sandbach)

Season 2, Episode 7
Feb 09, 10:00 PM

Cheshire Voices for Equality Association talk racism, white privilege and education.

Cheshire Voices for Equality Association (CVEA) is an organisation that has been founded by young campaigners from Black Lives Matter Sandbach. The group hit the headlines last summer when online threats towards them were made in a Facebook group administered by a local councillor.
In this episode, we hear directly from Katie Unnithan, Mia Sykes, and Keelie Grindley about how their experiences of racism and white privilege throughout their education, growing up in a predominantly white rural area, have made them want to make a positive change for the coming generations. They are then joined in conversation by Helen O’Donnell, CEO of Children’s University, to discuss the role that education and learning beyond the classroom can play in anti-racism work.
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