Joseph Mencel - Mastermind Behind The Massive Joes Empire, Pro Body Builder and Podcaster

Season 1, Episode 7,  Feb 08, 2021, 12:25 PM

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In Todays discussion we sit down with a truly unique and inspiring identity in the Australian fitness scene Mr Joseph Mencel.

The conversation was broad and covered many exciting topics including how he built Massive Joes from literally nothing by harnessing the powers of E commerce whilst simultaneously completing two full time university degrees and prepping for Body building shows.

How Joe got started in body building and the path to becoming a IFBB pro! The many challenges that were faced as a global business in 2020 and how keeping a positive growth mindset forced innovation and was not only instrumental in navigating the storm but future proofing any potential upcoming disasters.

Future plans and will Massive Joes be creating their own products?

Plus intertwined with Joe's story we went off on many colourful tangents which i'm sure you the listeners will enjoy! 

This one is not to be missed!