Jean’s Artistic Adventure

Season 1, Episode 4,  Feb 10, 2021, 03:00 AM

Join Jean on a 'sketchy' Armchair Adventure!

“There's nothing better than taking my shoes and socks off, and the water lapping across your feet.”

Jean’s favourite hobby is drawing. So when she suggests to Connie they should draw their next Armchair Adventure, our Chief Adventurer isn’t too sure. Connie doesn’t think she’s a very good artist! But with a little helpful persuasion from her fellow explorers they take the trip of a lifetime to a gorgeous sandy beach full of memories and joy. Although, when a huge storm hits, they have to work together to get back to safety…

Join Jean, Connie and her lovely customers on their latest sketchy Armchair Adventure!

In this episode Connie also launched a drawing competition for you to win some amazing prizes! Listen for details on how to enter,

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Produced by Made By Mortals
Written by Alison Carr
Music by AJS Music
Sound Design - Story Publishing
Music Supervisor - James Dee
Actor - Hannah Donelon

The next episode is out 11th March 2021!