#27 Saddling Up for Polo & Positive Leadership with Philip Grant

Feb 11, 10:00 AM
In this weeks episode Rachael & John chat with Philip Grant.  His work has taken him from British Eventing and International Polo to Secondary, & Further Education. We loved listening to his stories including meeting royalty and leading a team of 50,000 in the Middle East for Sheikh Mohammed.

We ask when does your career really start? Philip shares his story of learning to ride a horse when he was 14, something that shaped his entire life and leadership journey. We learn about the people who influenced him, what his fundamental view of leadership is, and why it’s important to test everything to destruction.

Understanding who you are and knowing what frightens you can be invaluable helping you through your whole life. He talks about how he approaches communication, the processes he use in building relationships, and what kind of environment a leader should create in order to help their team to do what they do best.

This is authentic leadership at its very best, leaving you with colourful images, memorable stories and a motivating legacy of what is possible.

Philip’s Leadership Essentials (1:09:00):

1. Take a long hard look in the mirror and get to know yourself. Spend time evaluating your values, understand your own unconscious biases. They’ll be useful keeping you in check and on balance

2. Share how you respond to things, be transparent and don’t be frightened about sharing your cognitive processes. Modelling those processes can be so helpful for others

3. Don’t believe your own hype - the greatest challenge is to be the same person in and out of “the leadership chair” Authentic Leadership at its core.