Episode 312 - Bill Hader (Barry, SNL, Superbad, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs)

Feb 12, 09:18 PM
Yes, that’s right!! On this episode Damian sits down & chats with, Emmy Award winning star/ co-creator/ director/ writer of HBO’s Barry, BILL HADER!!! Thanks to their mutual friend, Jon “King of Beats/Comedy” Wurster, these two anxious nerds are brought together for the longest episode of TOAP ever! Listen in as they discuss: panic attacks while making SNL, Barry as an autobiography, Bad Brains being the best ever, why can’t people just like instrumental Zappa & SO MUCH MORE! DON'T MISS THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Mutual love

The Wheelman

Can you make the guns sound like they do in Heat?

Dad hated Dylan and loved Zappa

An uncle flipping out about Minor Threat’s cover of “Stepping Stone”

"Something Brains and something Kennedys?"

Monster Movies and punk: a deadly combination

The Misfits are targeted marketing at work

watching movies like TV

Getting wasted in front of Rush

Trying to school Geddy Lee on Mike Watt

Proudly punishing Spielberg

Cults and music

The Bad Brains

“Your Uncle John’s a Devo”

“Fartface”: Bill, Will Forte and Josh Brolin go down swinging on SNL

Not always enjoying it 

Directing Barry: “I can do this”

Horror movies

Evil Dead is punk rock

creative process

SCTV and Kids in The Hall

Iron Chef... America