Freedom Trail in Boston

Episode 4,  Feb 13, 2021, 05:21 PM

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In 1951, William Schofield, who was a local journalist had the awesome suggestion that important local landmarks should be linked by a trail.
Mayor John Hynes liked that idea and 2 years later, the 2 1/2 red brick trail telling the story of the American Revolution and winding its way through historic areas, passing by 16 important places revolving the great history of America was being used by over 40,000 people per year! 

It’s amazing getting to take a stroll through American history and walk in the footsteps of countless others before you and wonder who else had walked that very trail. Being in a place with such a colorful history and truly feel the threads of history as you weave your way through the very place that so many astonishing events have once occurred. I absolutely suggest the Freedom Trail! It is such a pleasant and remarkable place and it’s so eye-opening. It’s absolutely a once in a life-time experience!

It’s a lot of history within a shortish distance, so take your time and take breaks as needed to truly get as much as you can out of the whole experience!  I would say to go after this covid stuff passes through, as I hear some places have actually been closed around the trail. 

I’m excited to share the different historical places you’ll come across within the trail- and remember to follow the red brick road- 
  •  The Boston Common 
  •  Park Street Church
  •  Granary Burying Ground - visit John Hancock’s, Sam Adam’s, Paul Revere’s graves, along with many other noteworthy people in history.
  •  King's Chapel
  •  King's Chapel Burying Ground 
  •  Benjamin Franklin statue and Boston Latin School- originally a school for boys that was opened in 1635, some important figures had come here, such as Benjamin Franklin (though he dropped out), John Hancock, and Samuel Adams. 
  •  Old Corner Bookstore- originally this bookstore was an apothecary shop and it is Boston’s oldest business building. (It was built in 1718). It then became a book publishing company that was super important, as many very famous authors had their works published here, including:  Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Charles Dickens. 
  •  Old South Meeting House- where many met to decide what to do with all of the tea waiting in the Boston Harbor in 1773 - tea tax was here to stay and nobody had a say. They unsuccessfully tried to get it sent back to England. Samuel Adams got up and said, "This meeting can do nothing more to save the country." Apparently, this was a secret signal to tell the Sons of Liberty to go destroy the tea. Back then, that’s how you got the party started as then, the  Boston Tea Party began and the rest is history. **Have a look across the street and you’ll see the house where the Benjamin Franklin was born (at 1 Milk Street). **
  •  Old State House- here, you can hear of the events that led to the Revolutionary War,
  •  Site of the Boston Massacre - in 1770, this happened right outside of the Old State House. Bostonians wanted their city back as many Redcoat soldiers had occupied Boston, so they took a stand and 5 didn’t make it. 
  •  Faneuil Hall aka the “Cradle of Liberty”- a most famous weathervane sits atop of Faneuil Hall. - It is shaped like a golden grasshopper. Legend says that Bostonians would have found spies during the 1812 war. 
  • Extra✨ Along the way, I found some other interesting and fun places, such as the Wax Museum. This was close to Faneuil Hall and the State House. Here, I got to pretend I was on spray Winfrey’s show as a guest, meet the queen of England, pretend to take Nicole Kidman’s award, hang out with Clint Eastwood, and have fun with Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister).

*Another fun and unexpected find was America’s oldest tavern- The Bell in Hand. (I’ll tell you all about it in another future episode).
  •  Paul Revere's House built in 1680 and is the oldest building in downtown Boston. It is incredible to see and you’ll know when you see the charcoal structure. He made his ever famous Midnight ride during his time living here in 1775. If you get the chance to pop inside, you’ll be thrown back in time as you’ll see the small sleeping quarters and beds along with furniture of that period. 
  •  Old North Church- "One if by land, two if by sea.” These were the words which ignited a revolution as these signaled the lanterns for Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride. These lanterns were hung at this very church. 
  •  Copp's Hill Burying Ground- burial place of the two Puritan preachers Cotton Mather and his father Increase Mather from the Salem Witch Trials. Cotton Mather death anniversary in 1728. This was where Redcoats were hidden during the Battle of Bunker Hill.
  •  The USS Constitution it was the worlds oldest still floating warship - first met water in 1797. Because cannonballs would bounce off the sides as if the ship itself were made of iron or something similar; the ship acquired the nickname “Old Ironsides”. 
  •  The Bunker Hill Monument- where the American Revolution’s first main battle had taken place. You can climb the obelisk for some spectacular views of the wondrous city of Boston.

Also another great tool for future Freedom Trail travels would be this: 

Mythological Creature- Dover Demon - seen by various teens in different places on the same night- myth or not...?