Childhood Trauma & Women's Mental Health With Superadaworld

Episode 9,  Feb 15, 2021, 05:24 PM

Childhood trauma affects women negatively on their overall well being(behavior, emotions, relationships, physical health & mental health)
On our latest episode with Radmila (Rada) Rozenberg @superadaworld a mom of 3, joins us on discussing women's mental health, childhood trauma & motherhood. Rada shares her experience with trauma motherhood & overcoming obstacles through her journey 😘  Radmila Rozenberg is a social media strategist and an influencer. Her passion is to help people by helping them get past their childhood traumas and learn to create a happy life for themselves. Check out her Instagram profile and her IGTV series where she interviews other mental health advocates and gets tips on how to manage life after trauma.
Rada gives many women hope and most definitely Bestie approved ✅