Gaming News, RGBs, and Side Quests

Feb 16, 08:00 PM

Recorded: 13 Feb 2021
Published: 17 Feb 2021

In today's episode, the team discusses this week's gaming news. Some of the topics discussed are...
  • CD Projekt RED Hacked
  • Chinese New Year Sales
  • IKEA Gaming Chair and RGB stuff
  • Pedro Pascal as Joel in The Last of Us
  • Riot Games CEO sued for sexual harassment
  • Losers bracket: Simping and Bullying
  • Side Quests within a Side Quests
  • and more...

Inay artwork: Liga Ni Likeman

Intro: Wolf - Upbeat 8-bit Electronic by Jer

Outro: Daystar - Celery in a carrot field by 샛별 Daystar