Doug Sands: Hypnotist; Changing Your Soil for a Brighter Future

Feb 18, 05:06 PM
Doug Sands is a consulting hypnotist who helps adventurous people find peace of mind -- using hypnosis. Doug is the founder of Anywhere Hypnosis, an online practice that helps clients resolve issues all around the world in the comfort of their own homes. He specializes in working with mental illnesses and limiting beliefs, incorporating tools from psychology and neuroscience. This work is deeply personal to him -- having struggled with mental health and a lack of purpose in his own life, he now works with clients to pinpoint their purpose and help them achieve it.
Doug is also the host of the Making Meaning podcast, a show that interviews top adventurers to learn how they've built their ideal life to inspire listeners to start creating their own. On the show, Doug dives deep with his guests into questions of purpose and fulfillment, all while giving actionable tools to his listeners. Past guests have included Everest climbers, published authors, and world-wanderers who are creating their own meaning in life.

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