Talking Net Zero episode 5 - Bill Bullen

Feb 19, 08:28 AM
Getting to net-zero isn’t all about zero-emission vehicles, but wider energy use too. With home heating being the biggest CO2 emitter after transport, this is a key area to target.

Sara Sloman chats with Bill Bullen, founder and CEO of Utilita Energy which is the first, and so far only, pay-as-you-go smart energy supplier.

He explains how Utilita helps households who were being badly served and overcharged. Its mission is simple: to offer consumers better service and a fairer deal.

The use of smart metering to help customers reduce their energy bills is a powerful tool and thanks to having better control, Utilita customers use around 20% less energy than the average bill paying household. 

It’s all part of Utilita’s action to tackle fuel poverty and climate change by reducing energy use, he explains.