From Vice President of Goldman Sachs at 26 to CEO Of One Of The UK’s Largest Mortgage Brokerages - With Ying Tan | Part 1

Season 2, Episode 11,  Feb 23, 2021, 07:00 AM

On this week’s Podcast…
Ying discusses his successes in both Finance and Property investing. Inspired by his father’s drive, persistence and determination as an immigrant in the UK, we discover how Ying is creating a legacy of his own.

What we have coming up: 

- Ying discusses the ups and downs of being an investment banker, having been one of the youngest Vice Presidents at Goldman Sachs at the age of 26

- How a fortunate turn of events meant that he wasn’t around when 9/11 sadly happened and how this made him reflect on his life and how he wanted to live 

- The journey of going from setting up a BTL business in 2006 to now running one of the largest UK mortgage brokerages with over 100 staff and multiple awards

- Advice he would give new property investors, how he began his BTL business and his views on joint ventures

- Specific strategy trends he has seen within the property investment market and how lenders are dealing with those trends

- Yings risk tolerance, how he handles risk as a business owner, ways he reduces risk and the importance of having multiple streams of income

- We also get a brief insight into Yings new book - Don't Push Too Many Trolleys: And Other Tips from Navigating Life and Business

Along with much much more!

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