7 billion Childish Spirits Strapped to 7 billion Trees Burning

Feb 19, 09:37 PM
I rest on a mountaintop. I scream at the top if my lungs. The sounds are a warning. Great harm will befall you. There is nothing I can do but watch. You aren’t paying me any attention. I cannot die alongside you this time, my love, for I am decades beyond the decay of your physical form. From this place I can see the entire story come to an end. I wish you could’ve written your way out. But I am screaming into the abyss now, and we’ve both known this, since the very beginning. Don’t cry, darling. I know that you miss me. I know that you cannot reach me. I know that I reside outside of this realm now. I know everything. You don’t have to speak. Just breath. I am going to preserve your heart in memory. I was given to you. I was sent to remind your precious heart, unconditional love is possible. I know that I am living proof. I know that I am the key to the great awakening. I know that these earthly bodies have created the very hell they burn in. I know how badly they need me. I know how much they want to see me burning beside them. I’m not fucking stupid; I know I’m being pursued. My guides have hidden me safely. I feel your energy surround my skin like a tornado. I know how much you want me. There is nothing that either one of us can do about it now. In dreams, my body is at the mercy of your hands. This is my final gift to you. The question remains, what will you do with it? Tag! You’re it. Run! In this dream I am dancing naked before you. It is appalling, how easily I surrender. In this dream, you are Queen and every eye on earth is lying on you. In this dream, you only speak your truth. Rest, sweet girl, be gentle with you. Don’t wake up yet! Remember the end? I am only just beginning to. There is a little boy in a station wagon. The tree line zips by. Icicles dangle, like dead leaves they lose grip, falling, dancing, digging into the wet dirt. Splash! Do you remember yet? The captain jerks the steering, the wagon swerves; the boy bangs his head on his reflection. When his eyes are finally pried open again, he sees the hunter approaching. He sees the massacre. He sees the spaceship. He sees his way home. He sees a little girl running through the woods, laughing demonically. The woods go up in flames. He begs for her salvation! He knows he was dropped here with great purpose. But he secretly despises this fucking place! He hates baring witness, time and time again, the human hands, reaching into their own flesh and pulling out the essence of their spiritual existence. It takes form of a child. He sees the child; she’s strapped to a tree. He pleads with the body. Leave her alone! She is supposed to be free? What is this disgusting language you are speaking to me? I know you are wrong! I know who this child is to me. I know that you’re a fucking liar! Murderer! I know who killed the child in the woods. I remember everything. Fuck you! I’m telling everyone of them. The bodies walk away. The souls remain, sold, stolen, beaten, set aflame. Murdered by their own physical form. I found these woods. I stumbled into them when I was young. Seven billion childish spirits strapped to seven billion trees burning. The boy tries to maintain an image. This picture was distributed to him with intention, without his permission. And just like that, poof! He forgot everything I had seen. He learns his manners. He sees her, she’s dreaming of him. He spits in his captors face. Fuck you, my lady! You never had the right to condition my spirit. You never had my destiny on your mind. Stop thinking of what could’ve been. Stop thinking! Fuck me instead. On all fours, a blanket whipped out over a dirty carpet. For the memory of my tender boney body, I cry. You are unconcerned with what you’ve taken. You only know that you want more. But baby, after all that was given, what could possibly remain? Time has taken everything. The boy regains his spiritual intuition. This surrender is repaid in unlimited resources and an immense amount of strength. He smiles. He laughs hysterically. He doesn’t know what to do with it all. He reaches out for the hunter with both hands. The future has already been written. The luminous figure has room for only one. He must find me. He must return me to this time. He must lay me on this decaying earth, for it is I who holds the entire story. I carry it around in my guts and spit it out in defiance of a world that was not written by my own hands. The boy weeps viciously. There is nothing he wants more than to return to the stars. He refuses this abandonment! He knows his power. This is his story. It begins with me being ripped from the home that I adored. It ends with my return. This boy is the creator; everything that he senses of the 3D world is a projection of his powers of imagination. Every human being was capable of this, once upon a fucking time. But every soul has died but his. This is a disgusting place now, dangerous even, if you believe in that sort of thing. He has seen the darkness seeping through his veins since the day that he arrived. He saw the bodies too. At first sight he wanted to love them all with his whole entire being. But once he crawled inside, he knew, love was only left alive inside of his own flesh and bones. It had abandoned by these soulless fucks a long time ago. P taught him this. P was home. Then P was a ghost. On a train she rode, unseen by all but him. Then the train plummeted off the edge of a cliff, into the center of the earth to burn and wait. She waited patiently. Have you ever seen a little girl in flames? Have you ever seen a little boy tied to a tree? I have. I have innocence murdered. I have died by my own hands. I have been the woman that I adored, blind trust, ten of swords. I have been abandoned by my own love. In the freezing cold, I stood outside your window. I have frozen to death. Did you enjoy the show, babygirl? It was all for you, until I saw the sun once more, until the hunter stood over my shaking body, with a bow in his hands and a sadistic smile painted across his beautiful face. We’re getting the fuck out of here, he said. Grab the puppy and don’t let the thought of time step into your mind ever again. I have somewhere I know you have to be. You mustn’t hesitate to leave. We must go now, your majesty. Its now! Or the story will never be written. “Okay. You want me? Here I am. Completely transformed. Ready to destroy every word that you find me worthy of. What’s the matter, friend? Have you run out of time? Have you run out of respect for the despicable way that you trampled on this gorgeous body of mine? Have you run out of patience? How badly do you want to fuck me? Think I’ll ever give your hands the chance to write a scene like this? Think you’ll be able to match my energy? Think again! I was not the woman to be dismissed. I was the love of a fucking lifetime of your frantic searching. You had a Goddess in flesh and blood! And you stripped her bear and stood her on your front lawn. I danced! I begged! I was glorified for this display of shameless innocence. Now you want to play? Good. I was hoping you’d climb out of that pit and reach for life again. Here is my forgiveness. Go fuck yourself. You have my love. Go find your own!” As the story goes, Jade and I are on the road. She is whining. I pull over to the side of the highway. I witness the second coming. She is fucking breathtaking. I am out of breath. She is out of time. “Tag! You’re it. Puff up your baby chest and reach out. Once upon a time you were audacious. Once upon a time you took what you wanted. Once upon a time it was your destiny. Times up. Free the little girl strapped to a magnolia! You cannot hide the truth from me! Get off your ass, and take what has been yours since the very beginning.” Write the end with your own two hands. Try crying. Remember me. 

Remember the end