Episode 313 - Todd Kowalski (Propagandhi, I Spy)

Feb 22, 05:57 AM
Today on the show, Damian is joined by a legit triple threat: Propagandhi bassist, I Spy vocalist & visual artist TODD KOWALSKI!!! Listen in as they talk finding metal/punk/hardcore in Regina, Unlawful Assembly is Saskatchewan's greatest band, The Besnard Lakes' connection & so much more! 

Not to be missed!!!! 

Also Touched On:

Loving Metal



a friend from the ally with Razor and Celtic Frost records

Trying to comprehend Slayer

Insight: Regina’s answer to SNFU

Unlawful Assembly: The best unrecorded Regina bend ever

The greatness of Beyond Possession 

The Chris Todd Kenton Warriors: first band

Imaginary metal bands

Government Issue playing to 15 people

Doing the best stage dive of your life for No Means No

Needing to hear what death metal sounded like

The Killer Dwarfs playing at the bar at the mall

Records On Wheels

GG Allin in Flipside: “I’m going to be banned from life if I’m caught with this!”

Drummer of Ditchpig

The Besnard Lakes/ Propagandhi connection

Going to a Fugazi and hoping for Minor Threat

Loving Youth Of Today

Seeing Tankhog on the best possible day

Bonehog did not age well

Death Sentence dancers

Seeing Sloan on the very first tour

Seeing the Small

interviewing Propagandhi

There is always a market for dark punk

The influence of the Melvins, Helmet and Coffin Break

The effect of hearing Ebullition records stuff