Bees On a Slump Or In A Blip? - Brentford v Sheffield Wednesday Pre-Match Podcast

Episode 726,  Feb 22, 07:30 AM

The Bees are looking to bounce back from three straight losses as Sheffield Wednesday come to New Griffin Park on Wednesday. Another disappointing performance saw them lose to relegation-battlers Coventry at the weekend to spark off all sorts of inquests as to what is happening with the Bees at the moment. 

The Beesotted crew of Billy TheBee Grant, Dave Laney Lane, Dr Katie Bee Graham and The Amazing Gemma Teale hooked up in the virtual joint to shoot the breeze on all things Brentford including :

  • If we were to get promotion this season would you take it now or if you could guarantee promotion next season with fans in the stadium, would you take that instead?
  • A look back to the Coventry match. Are injuries playing a part? Are we struggling with the psychology of big games - as assistant coach Brian Reimer said in a recent podcast? Will Rico Henry being out be a big miss? What do Brentford have to do to get back on track?
  • Will The Spreadsheet Winker gives his statistical lowdown on the Coventry game
  • Jonathon Burchill reminds us that we’ve never beaten Coventry in the 2nd tier plus more facts and funk
  • And we look forward to the Sheffield Wednesday match with a preview from Ben from The Wednesday Week podcast and also Owls fan Tango pops into the virtual joint to share a pre-match beer with The Bees