Perusing Podcasts on Pocket: An article by Red Szell

Feb 23, 02:04 PM

Find out about RealSAM's podcasts selected especially for Blind and Visually impaired people.

Following on from last week’s blog, I was keen to explore Pocket’s podcast catalogue and try to track down my favourite show after having missed it live on Radio 4.

As with searching for books and radio stations searching for podcasts is very straightforward.  The keywords to remember to use are the same, (‘’Find’, ‘Listen to’, ‘Play’ etc) and you just need to substitute ‘Podcast’ into your instruction after you press the home key.

If you just want to browse what’s available, press the home key and say ‘’Listen to podcasts’ or ‘Find me a podcast’ and Pocket will bring up the whole catalogue for you to go through, five at a time – and there are a lot of them!