Feb 24, 11:24 AM
Back at it with the TRACK X TRACK album breakdown episode focus. This time around, Dave Hanratty is joined by Dublin singer-songwriter A. Smyth as he takes us through every song on just-released debut album Last Animals.

We get into Smyth's past as frontman of Vann Music and why that experience ultimately soured him on making music altogether, how he picked up the pieces and decided to go out on his own, releasing this project in an unavoidably difficult time, getting attention from the likes of Badly Drawn Boy and Robert Carlyle, and plenty more.

Last Animals tracklist:

  1. 'Rain Boys'
  2. 'Yeah You Said'
  3. 'Don't Let Me Down'
  4. 'Say You Won't Mind'
  5. 'Me And My Old Man'
  6. 'River'
  7. 'Hero'
  8. 'Out Of The Disappear'
  9. 'When It Calls'
  10. 'Tempt'

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