With a Side of Elena Juatco!

Feb 24, 03:33 PM
Heidi Lynch chats with actor and musician Elena Juatco (she/her). You may recognize Elena from Schitt's Creek, Hudson and Rex and playing Cale Jann. Heidi and Elena talk about where they met, and how different she is from her character on Jann. They also talk about Elena's love of music and how she took cues from the universe to help her see how making music and acting can happen hand in hand. Elena also talks about asking production for what you need as a performer to create your best work, and that it's not about being a diva! And the two also chat about Elena's project, SExT: Sex Education by Theatre which is an initiative in schools which is about youth educating other youth about sex ed. Instead of a teacher coming in and teaching kids about their bodies - kids come in as a role model!

You can find out more about Elena on Instagram @elenajuatco and on Twitter @ElenaJuatco and you can hear her sing on Spotify and her SExT project http://www.sexeducationbytheatre.com/ and on instagram  @SExTEdShow

Thank you so much to Ontario Creates for their support of this project! @ontariocreates