2/26 - How Successful was Sony's State of Play?

Feb 26, 03:00 PM
We're back with the hottest gaming news! Topics this week include: How would we rate Sony's State of Play this week? Call of Duty's file size is now over 500 GB. And believe it or not, Souljaboy is back with another game console.

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Show Notes:

00:00 - Intro
2:06 - How many mainline Zelda games are there?
4:29 - Topics
6:50 - Pour one out for Anthem, which is now officially dead
11:17 - What did we think about Sony’s State of Play?
15:32 - The “bad boy of video games,” Souljaboy is back with a new gaming console
19:20 - The Gifted Gene and my Lovable Memes, a book directed by Hideo Kojima
22:54 - Activision warns the newest call of duty patch might be too big for PS4’s with 500 GB storage
27:54 - It seems the CDPR hack has greatly affected the team’s ability to patch Cyberpunk
31:33 - They’re making a Frogger game show, and it’s heading to your favorite streaming service… Peacock
34:28 - Blizzcon did technically happen, so I made a topic for it
39:58 - Sudden Death
41:31 - The Winner is...
42:48 - Closing and Plugs