A Cuppa With: Mental Health in Music - Episode two: Dealing with Uncertainty

Feb 26, 08:26 AM

Episode two is on ‘Dealing With Uncertainty’ something we are all familiar with these days. - we hear from Barry Jay Hughes and Naoise Roo on how they struggled with the loss of certainty and planning around their music careers, Robin James Hurt - Music a full time gigging musician who has swapped his multiple weekly live sets in Temple Bar for multiple walks a day with his dog Dougal. We hear how he has had to deal with the blow to his full time income and how he is coping. We also hear from Clinical Hypnotherapist and best selling author Fiona Brennan- Clinical Hypnotherapist- The Positive Habit who specialises in helping people manage the unknown. Fiona used to own a theatre company so she’s also very in tune with the uncertainty around the creative lifestyle. Fiona chats to Rachel about how people can incorporate mindfulness into their day to build their resilience and control the controllables.