Feb 26, 10:52 AM
Pour out a can of motor oil, Daft Punk are no more. That's the lead news story on a busy episode that takes in the new album from Mogwai, an emotional reaction to that work, and a spotlight on instrumental music. It's Dave Hanratty. It's Craig Fitzpatrick. It's NO ENCORE~!

ACT ONE (4:46): News! Daft Punk RIP, Kim and Kanye call it a day, a major European festival gets the go-ahead, Robbie Williams goes cinematic, and plenty more.

ACT TWO (32:54): Scottish noise merchants Mogwai are back with 10th studio album As The Love Continues. More of the same or grand revitalising statement? Dave and Craig deliver their respective verdicts.

ACT THREE (50:52): Top 5 Instrumental Songs.

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