Susan Miller, 2.28.21 - Astrology Zone and the Dynamo who found her perfect niche

Feb 27, 2021, 01:30 AM

What we also learn in this interview is that Susan is a huge fan of KC BBQ.

Back in the day - early 2000s. DJ at Star 102. Astrology Zone was bookmarked in the studio computer. Long time fan. When I mentioned this interview was coming up, I found out I am not alone.

One surprise. She has been to Kansas City and it made a lasting impression. Introduced to BBQ when she visited for a book signing a few years ago - she would welcome an opportunity to come back.   

Susan was ahead of the curve when she carved out her niche on the internet. debuted in December 1995.

Entertaining 11 million unique readers a year, Susan’s monthly forecasts are published on her website and on her app.

Susan overcame a major health challenge as a child. Her tenacity and ability to overcome obstacles was honed early on. We talk about some of that and the gratitude she has for her Mom in helping her to remain focused on the positive. 

Susan is the author of 12 astrology books, the ever popular “The Year Ahead” astrology calendars and writes monthly columns for six international fashion magazines. A New York City native, she has two daughters, Chrissy and Diana.    

Follow and chat with Susan on twitter @astrologyzone.
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