Freaky News Fridays (Weird and odd News of the Week)

Feb 28, 03:54 AM

Freaky News Friday's

Where we discuss the #Odd and #Weird News of the week

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Good Friday to ya's,How is Everyone :) 

in our Ghostly portion of the show

we are Talking about Ghost Girl’s Voice Comes Out of Haunted Mirror Asking for Help

Then we are talking about Robbie Williams Puts His Haunted Mansion Back Up For Sale

and then Owners Can’t Sell Maine’s Haunted Homeport Inn

in our Cryptid portion of the show

Then we talk about The The Dogman: Looking at the Various Theories for What They Might Be

Then Reports from the Void: 'We Saw a Black Creature'

Then we are Exploring Investigator: 'Nessie related to extinct whale'

Ufo,alien and space portion

Company plans to start building private Voyager space station with artificial gravity in 2025

FAA Confirms Pilot Reported UFO over New Mexico; FBI is "Aware of the Reported Incident

Weird portion

Bizarre shark with human-like face discovered

The last but not least Russia's 'Dyatlov Pass' conspiracy theory may finally be solved 60 years later

USAF working on 'Wolverine' healing powers

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