How Texas Led A Sporting Revolution

Mar 01, 07:00 AM
This week we talk to Professor Frank Guridy, author of the new book, The Sports Revolution: How Texas Changed the Culture of American Athletics, a remarkable look at how the intersection of resistance movements and Texas athletics changed the USA forever. I also have some choice words about the plans for March Madness, and Just Stand Up and Just Sit Down Awards based upon a global superstar foolishly stepping to LeBron.

We also have “Choice Words” about the NCAA’s plans for March Madness, and their predictable attempt at chasing profits. In addition, we have “Just Stand Up” and “Just Sit Down” awards to NBA legend Lebron James for his response to soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović who basically told him to shut up and dribble and Ibrahimović for making these comments in the first place. All this and more on this week’s show!

Frank Guridy
Twitter: @fguridy

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