Terri witnessed a murder

Episode 62,  Oct 09, 2020, 07:00 AM

Terri was out of school and finally out on her own. She moved hundreds of miles away to New Orleans, got her own apartment, and was excited about living independently in the big city. But she was not ready for the unexpected, horrific thing she saw on the very first day in her new place.

Do you remember when you were young, and going through your teenage years? Didn’t time seem to go by a lot more slowly back then?

All those years, waiting, and looking forward to that one big day when you’re finally out on your own. Now that was something to be excited about, right? You’d have your own car, your own place, you could come and go whenever, you could stay up as late as want, it would be like heaven on earth! Of course, now that we’re past that stage in life, we know that being out on your own and responsible for yourself is not always the paradise and freedom that we might have anticipated.

My guest today, Terri, was right at that breakthrough stage. Leaving home for the first time, being on her own, even moving hundreds of miles away – it was all very exciting.

But then as soon as she moved in to her new place – the very first day she was there, actually – she found out that the real world can bring with it some unexpected and horrific things. It was a day she’ll never forget.

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