Deb suddenly stopped skiing

Episode 50,  May 08, 2020, 07:00 AM

It was a beautiful day for downhill skiing. Deb was flying down the mountain, enjoying the sunshine and fresh powder. Suddenly, and without warning, she stopped. She was on her back, unable to move, and having difficulty breathing. There was no one around. And she had no idea what had happened.

Have you ever found yourself in some kind of weird situation or predicament, and you actually have no idea how you got there? And you’re asking yourself, “What just happened?”

This is something I find really fascinating – when our brain is trying to figure out the reality of what is going on, but it just doesn’t have enough information to make sense of it. So the end result is usually confusion. But in some cases, it can be terrifying.

Our guest today is Deb, and that’s what happened to her one day while she was downhill skiing with her friend Gary.

It was a beautiful day, she’s in fresh snow, and she’s having a great time just flying down the mountain. But suddenly and without any warning, she just stopped. She’s on her back and unable to move. Then she finds that breathing is getting more and more difficult. There’s no one else around.

And she has no idea what just happened.

She figured out what happened eventually, of course. And get this – Ski Patrol took longer than they should have to get to her, because they couldn’t find her. And Deb says that mistake is what allowed her to survive this whole ordeal.

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