Ray went from 500 pounds to ultrarunner

Episode 37,  Nov 22, 2019, 08:00 AM

Ray was in very bad health. He was not eating properly, not exercising, experiencing back problems, and could not walk for any extended period of time. And he weighed over 500 pounds. Through a combination of diet, gastric bypass surgery, and exercise, Ray has made a complete turnaround. He has lost 300 pounds, and now runs ultramarathons. And this has all happened in less than three years.

My conversation today is with Ray, who lives in St Augustine, Florida. Just a couple of years ago, Ray was on a downward spiral in terms of his health. Like a lot of people, his weight had gotten out of control. He didn’t realize how far off track he was until he visited a doctor one day.

That doctor visit was his wake-up call. And he definitely woke up. I think you’re going to love this story.

I also wanted to mention something right up front. Part of Ray’s amazing turnaround is the fact that he underwent gastric bypass surgery. And I want to be clear, and Ray will tell you this as well, this is not for everyone, and it’s not an easy quick fix. If you’re considering it, or really if you’re thinking about ANY change in your diet or exercise regimen, you should consult your doctor for advice. In this case, this surgery was just a tool that was available to Ray, and he used it to his advantage.

And his transformation has been amazing. Calling this a “weight loss success story” is a huge understatement. He has plunged headfirst into the world of long distance running, which, as you might be aware, is also a personal interest of mine. Hopefully we didn’t geek out too much on the details of ultrarunning, and I hope you find his story and his progress as interesting and inspiring as I did.

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