Marina was stalked

Episode 24,  May 24, 2019, 07:00 AM

Marina “kind of” knew Bryan in high school. Then when they went to the same college, they got to know each other better. Eventually Marina came to think of Bryan as a really close friend, someone she could talk to and confide in. Then she realized that Bryan was not the person she thought he was.

What if you kind of knew someone in high school, then you became friends with that person when you both ended up at the same college?

What if you started hanging out with that person, and talking with him most days before or after classes?

What if you confided in this person, and came to really appreciate the friendship that was growing?

Then, what if you started to realize that this person was not at all the person you thought they were?

That’s what happened to Marina, and it was a pretty scary time – not just for her, but for her unborn baby. She’s just now starting to be able to tell this whole story out loud.

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