Tyson was abducted

Episode 22,  Apr 26, 2019, 07:00 AM

One night when leaving work, Tyson was walking through the parking lot when an SUV with two men inside came alongside him. One of them jumped out, threw him in the car, and they drove off. There were no witnesses. He was brought to an isolated house, where they started beating him. He was kept as a prisoner for 18 months before escaping. This is the story of what happened during that time.

The tag line for this podcast is “real people in unreal situations”, and today’s story is about as unreal as it gets.

Imagine you’re leaving work one night. It’s dark. You’re walking through the parking lot, and suddenly an SUV with two men inside pulls up beside you, one of them jumps out and grabs you, throws you in the car, and they quickly drive away. And there was no one around to see this happen.

They drive for a while but you can’t see where they’re taking you. You end up at a house. You don’t know where you are, but you know it’s very quiet. There are no sounds of traffic. No other human activity nearby.

Then they start beating you.

This might sound like a bad dream, or the opening scene to a horror movie. But for Tyson, it was real life.

When he first told me what happened, it sounded just a little too bizarre. On this podcast I don’t cover situations that are fictional – only true stories. So I did the research, obtained police reports, verified addresses, all that, to make sure Tyson’s story is true. Unfortunately for him, it actually happened.