Josh had his leg amputated

Episode 6,  Sep 14, 2018, 07:00 AM

Most of us take our legs for granted. They’ve just always been there, so we don’t really think about them much. Until one of them is gone. Josh was a gunner on an Abrams tank in Iraq, and his tank was blown up by a roadside bomb. He told me the whole story – explosion, rescue, treatment, surgeries, and eventually amputation. And he has worked hard to overcome other factors as well, including issues with alcohol and depression. He’s come a long way.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to lose one of your legs? I think just about everyone just takes their legs for granted. We’ve always had them, they get us where we need to go, they just do their job.

Until they don’t.

My guest on the show today is Josh. He was in the Army and stationed in Iraq, and he worked as a gunner inside an Abrams tank. One day his tank parked over a roadside bomb, and there was an explosion that destroyed the tank, along with Josh’s left foot.

Josh told me the whole story, from the moment it happened, to somehow exiting the tank and getting to safety, his multiple surgeries, and his decision to finally just amputate and be done with it. He talked about prosthetics and what it was like to put that on for the first time, and what he is able to do.

And Josh also has some advice for other vets and amputees about how he has dealt with this situation. He’s come a long way.

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