Ex-Police Officer Turned Property Investor with 70+ No Money Down Units - Alex Seery | Part 1

Mar 02, 07:00 AM
On this week’s Podcast…
We are taken on a journey of ups and downs and successes and losses. From a Police Officer to an investor to a mentor. Listen to how and why Alex Seery completely changed his life and is now helping change the lives of others.

What we have coming up: 

- We hear how an unsteady upbringing and a poor peer group eventually lead Alex to become depressed to the point of not wanting to live anymore and how he also overcame this

- Alex discusses the one book that completely changed his life, helped him start to set goals and begin his role in the police force (Plus other “game-changing” books)

- Listen to the turn of events that proceeded him leaving his job with the police (probably best not to be eating during this part) but also the reasons that stopped him from doing so sooner.
Hint: “Sometimes you have to go through some s**t in life”

- His journey from paying 80k for his first mentor to using that knowledge and new-found contacts to create a portfolio with 70+ HMO units without putting any of his own money and how he found and structured his first deal

- How he is now helping police officers, nurses and others in a similar field leave their job, and the mental trauma that can sometimes come with it, to lead a life they are passionate about

- Alex’s vision for the future and much much more!

Connect with Alex:
His Podcast - Shift to Success
Facebook Page - Business help and support for the Public Sector (Shifts to Success) 
Facebook - Alexander Seery
Instagram - @alexanderseery

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