Monday Musings (Paranormal Talk)3/01/21

Mar 02, 06:22 AM
Monday Musings Paranormal Talk
Were we talk all things paranormal..From Haunted places,Creepy stories to your stories
#Paranormal #Shareyourstory #Ghosties #Spirit 
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Good Monday to ya's,How is Everyone :) 

On the First half of the show we are Talking about CIA Document Demonstrates The Remarkable ‘Paranormal Writing’ Ability of a Gifted Girl
and then we will learn about  The Real Story Of Patrick Cross’s Devil Guitar

Then we are asking Riddle Of Mystery Hill: Who Built America’s Stonehenge?

Then we will be Looking at The art of table tipping

Last but not least St Marys church in clophill AKA Black magic church

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On the second Half of the show,Its your turn 
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