Content: What If gems, power curve & Zweviews #W22

Mar 04, 01:34 AM
FUT legend ZwebackHD and Oceania Champion Marcus Gomes join Steve TheFUTCoach, and your host Ben on this content pod to discuss:
  • Brand new (Live) WhatIf promotion!
  • Panel's WhatIf gems
  • What If Lees Mellou & Jovic Reviews
  • Underused players
  • Marcus's CB destroyer
  • Caputo worth bothering with?
  • Mid or Prime Icon pick tip
  • Underused FUT items
  • Our Icon Swaps 2 plans
  • Ashley Cole Review
  • Power curve concerns
  • Loads more!

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  • Curbing your defensive enthusiasm
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  • How to make the 3421 deadly
  • New controller overlay feature
  • How to defend scoop turn & La Croqueta 50/50s
  • Favourite CBs
  • Stopping long through balls 
  • Offside trap
  • Much more!