The Budget, The Accidental President and why voting makes us sad

Mar 05, 06:00 AM
Richard Porritt, Cash Boyle and Matt Withers reunite to bring you the week’s news, politics, gags, gaffes and guests in The New Normal.

This week they discuss Rishi Sunak's Budget, a publicity-shy couple in California and the return of yoof channel BBC Three.

James Fletcher, director of new Donald Trump documentary The Accidental President, tells us exactly how the reality star made it to the Oval Office, while Nicolas Schreiner from the University of Basel joins us to talk about his research on how elections really do make people miserable.

And Pontins gets well and truly Cashed and Burned.

Music: 8 Bit Sauce by Mikey Geiger

The Accidental President is available to rent and buy on Apple TV+, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and YouTube now