Lost Zane Recordings FREEview Ep 45 Airdate: 6/9/2016

Mar 05, 10:00 AM

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1  – Matt Haan in today for Doane. Doane takes credit for Haan fixing Doane’s F up. Doane impressions. Ask the Asian. Eric/Huge Mary Jane remote yesterday.
2 – Slaughter the Turks Armenian meatballs. Sam’s last day.
3 – Eric attended the silent ride in Kalamazoo honoring the bikers killed 2 days ago.
4 – Tweets to the show. Guess the sounds. Sports updates. Beating up Doane.
5 – More clips of Eric and Huge calling the WhiteCaps game. Eric loves Pacific Rim. Yes sir Boss.
6 – Jason Sanchez from Maple Hill Golf. Eric’s mowing the golf greens fail (forgot to lift the deck).
7 – Guess the sounds game.
8 – Heaven fight club. Mailman steals gift cards from mail; victim sounds like Doane. Great Doane impressions.
9 – Saying good-bye to Sam.
10 – 10 minutes with Huge. Sports updates.
11 – Additional coverage of Kalamazoo cyclist crash tragedy. Eric went running in shady Kalamazoo neighborhood prior to the silent ride.
12 – Butthurt metal fans. Pray away the gay. God says don’t eat shellfish. Doris calls in.
13 – Caller explains the questions from last segment; Eric might be a little gay. Follow-up on 82 yr old singer from yesterday. Radio Station ‘Extreme’ fail of ‘bodies’ commercial after 9/11. Eric’s Dads transformation in the 70’s.