Episode 316 - Darryl Jenifer (Bad Brains, White Mandingos)

Mar 05, 07:54 AM
DARRYL JENIFER IS HERE!!! Join Damian as he sits down with the BAD BRAINS' LEGEND to discuss his journey in punk. From kicking Cars' records off of turntables, to the Bad Brains' early "James Chance" era, to the real story behind the Clash Bond Street show: 

Also Touched On:

Growing up with Soul, GoGo and Motown

Discovering the Damned, Sex Pistols and The Ramones

Some nights, it’s Wow! Some nights, it’s Why?

Brothers before Bad Brains

RIP Sid McCray: too punk for a band

The influence of a Budgie

Loving No New York Comp 


The James Chance inspired first line up of the Bad Brains

“Five people clap for you and now you’ve sold out”

From one song to Black Dots in a few months

Playing with on back of flatbed  the Mall in DC

Seeing Jame Brown at the Howard Theatre in ’64

“Why is the bass too loud?”: The first time seeing Bob Marley 

The Swimming Pool Q’s

The Urban Verb

the year 1979

The Happening

Playing Berlin when the Wall fell

The art of writing a setlist

Kicking a Cars record off the turntable: “Why are they playing this shit?!”

“Biker Music”: Hearing the Viletones’ Screamin’ Fist for the first time

A “19 year old young Peter Tosh” had no love for Basquiat 

Ian MacKaye: Very Washingtonian 

The Old New York

CBGBs: always cool

The Bloodless Pharaoh’s Brian Setzer goes swing

Red Hot Chilli Peppers : “How the hell did this band get on the bill?”

The Beastie Boys going rap

Screamin’ Mad George is making shit again: living with The Mad

“Stay Close To Me is a Clash influenced song and Pay To Come is a Ramones influenced song”

Meeting Jerry Williams and Th’Cigaretz 

“The Ramones are dope but I am The Damned“

The Clash and The Ramones are sore losers

& SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!