Around the Monitor 3/5 - PlayStation is making a controller out of bananas... seriously

Mar 05, 05:09 PM
We are back with some hot gaming news!! Topics this week include: Sony introduces a patent which could make a controller out a banana, Fall Guys developer, Mediatonic, has been acquired by Epic Games, and it looks like we really are getting an upgraded Switch later this year!

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00:00 - Intro
2:47 - Trivia - How many copies has Fall Guys sold on PC?
5:36 - Topics
7:41 - New pokemon games were revealed last week, including an open world game 
11:58 - An unknown player showed up to a Street Fighter tournament, won, and vanished
17:41 - The Sinking City drama is some of the most wild things I’ve ever seen
21:56 - Sony’s newest controller patent is bananas… literally
26:16 - Pringles That Taste Like An Extinct Bird From Halo: Reach Have Arrived
31:38 - Reportedly it cost Google “tens of millions” to get AAA ports on Stadia
34:04 - Fall Guys dev, Mediatonic, is acquired by Epic Games
41:09 - Once again I am asking you to talk about Switch Pro rumors
45:47 - WOOPER WATCH!!!
46:23 - The Winner is...