#31 Katherine Whitton CMO of Specsavers Talks Leadership & Legacy

Mar 07, 09:05 AM
In celebration of International Women’s Day (8th March) Rachael & John are joined by Katherine Whitton the outgoing CMO of Specsavers to talk about inspirational women in leadership. 

This conversation is a little trip down memory lane for Rachael as she worked for Katherine back in 2008, when Katherine was Head of Global and UK Marketing Communications at British Airways. Rachael reflects on how Katherine was an inspirational leader who helped shape the course of Rachael’s own leadership journey years down the line. 

Some of the topics we discuss are:
  • The importance of care in leadership.
  • The traits that make a leader worthy of following
  • The importance of followship in leadership
  • How to inspire confidence in women - Katherine shares her 3 C’s to inspire women in the workplace. 
  • How inspirational men like Jack Ma founder of Alibaba are changing how women are viewed in the workplace
  • What is it that made the line ‘Should’ve gone to Specsavers so iconic’ and how it has made its way into popular culture.?
  • The idea of stewardship in leadership and leaving a role better than you found it. 
  • Inspirational leaders Katherine has worked for including the Doug and Mary the founders of Specsavers, leaders at Barclaycard and other leading brands. 

Katherine’s Leadership Essentials (01:10:50)

  1. Any leader should ask themselves: “Why should someone follow me?” If you are lucky enough to lead: What is it, I have that makes them want to follow me?
  2. Wonderment - How do you build a compelling narrative around - possibilities and vision. You have the responsibility, if you lead others, to inspire them to come on the journey with you.
  3. Empowering people to bring their best selves to work; let individuals be their best selves and let them do it their way. It’s true that this creates friction; it’s the leaders responsibility to make sure that friction creates something sensational.
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