In Bruges

Mar 08, 05:01 AM
We've BOUNCED from Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to Martin McDonagh's In Bruges. Muchos gracias, Martin! 

(0:15 - 9:30) Mike discusses Amazon's "The Boys". Harry gives his two cents as a comic fan.
(9:45 - 16:45) Mike pitches Harry a movie to watch (or stay away from) ... a movie called Calvary -- from the brother of Martin McDonagh. Also, how does one feel about Oscar bait?
(16:55 - 50:00) Mike and Harry discuss In Bruges (mild-to-severe SPOILERS). As well as ... how many box office disasters does Colin Farrell carry under his belt? 5? 6? 43? American Outlaws, Hart's War, Daredevil, Alexander, A New World, Miami Vice, Pride and Glory, Fright Night, Total Recall, Seven Psychopaths, Dead Man Down, A movie called Solace, Winter's Tale, Dumbo-- the list goes on and we passed out. Nobody carries box office duds like Colin... nobody!

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