Episode 215: The Torture and Murder of Shanda Sharer

Mar 08, 01:07 AM
Shanda Sharer was 12 years old when she met a girl named Amanda. Amanda was already involved in a troubling relationship with a girl named Melinda Loveless and when Amanda and Shanda started hanging out Melinda became even more possessive of Amanda and started threatening Shanda. Melinda would tell anyone who would listen that she was going to kill Shanda someday, but for some reason no one took her seriously. One night Melinda gathered a group of friends including: Lauri Tacket, Hope Rippey and Toni Lawrence. The mission was to trick Shanda into thinking Amanda wanted to see her, but Amanda was not there. Three of the four girls then brutally tortured and murdered 12 year old Shanda Sharer, while one did nothing to stop them. This story is incredibly difficult to get through, but just like all of our cases, deserves to be told so that the memory of Shanda never fades. 

Books used for researching the case:
Cruel Sacrifice by Aphrodite Jones
Little Lost Angel by Michael Quinlan 

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