Taking Unloved Buildings and Creating a £100M+ Creative Property Portfolio - Richard Pearce & Heather Payne | Part 2

Mar 09, 07:00 AM
On this week’s Podcast…
Having been involved in various financial industries, Richard has a vast amount of experience in what makes a good deal and how to get the most from each space. We discuss how this has lead to him owning a £100 million commercial portfolio.

We discuss:

- Richard describes how his career unfolded and how the people that he met, the people he worked with and the projects he’d worked on helped him get to where he is today

- We discuss the shift that the current climate could have on the future including all the positives that may follow

- We get a glimpse behind the ingenious marketing strategies Richard has implemented in the past plus their vision and ethos behind each company they own

- How a spreadsheet error happened on a £144 Million deal and some top tips on avoiding this

- The ways TCN goes about finding new investment opportunities and how they turn the unloved and unwanted buildings into hubs of creative spaces that combine the old, original features with a new, modern look

And much more!

Connect with Richard & Heather:
Website - www.tcnuk.co.uk
LinkedIn - TCNUK
Instagram & Twitter - @tcnuk

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