03/10/2021 Wake Up Call Hour 2

Mar 10, 03:37 PM
The Good The Bad The Dumb...not only "It's a Girl" congratulations still happening for Brittany & #PatrickMahomes, but a full ride scholarship to #TexasTech as well; no fans outside of #Japan will be allowed to attend the #OlympicGames2021 in #Tokyo; shouldn't be that surprising that as soon as someone gives #PiersMorgan a taste of his own medicine, that he ups and quits the show, yet here we are
Another #Manning is getting a television show
Guest: If you want the best insider information on #AmericasTeam then there's only one man to talk to: Bobby Belt, cohost of The 'Boys and Girl Podcast, #NFL network field producer and much more joins the show to talk on that #DakPrescottĀ  deal and other #Cowboys news