Eric Zane Show Podcast 540 The Mystery of My Dad's Age

Mar 10, 05:02 PM

A daily (M-F), rant-filled comedy podcast to discuss news, nonsense and Eric's personal adventures.

*A Facebook post prompted me to do a well check on Stuart Reeves McCallister from the LMNOPodcast
*The QOTF picked a Facebook Fight with some hag over Autism nomenclature.
*Keep me in your prayers....prayers for hilarity as today is the day that The NFK and I venture out to visit The NFK's new neurologist.  Middle fingers are sure to be a flyin'!
*Remember the story the other day about the dip shit kid who blew up a bomb in the classroom?  Cops went to his house and arrested his dumb fuck Dad for having a molotov cocktail, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and being a fucking moron.
*Zaniac Jessica has a birthday...lets celebrate by doing an impression of her.
*Patriot Nick is doing ZOOM trivia on Saturday at 6PM.  Winner gets one year of my tier 2 Patreon.  Thanks Nick!  Go to Zaniacs United Facebook page to sign up.
*Carl Sagan grains of sand info I talked about here.
*Dear Meathead BTYB JM SyntheticsDad is making some questionable decisions.
*A rare visit from my brother, "World Book Jim" to discuss my Dad's poor decision making and rationale and the mystery is introduced about my Dad's age.
*Some poor guy in Michigan spent 5 years in prison for a murder he had nothing to do with.  His alibi was rock solid.  All he needed was a receipt from Hertz rental car to show he was no where near the murder when it happened.  Problem:  Hertz wouldn't give him the receipt!!!!
*Piers Morgan is a huge crybaby, storms off set of Good Morning Britain after getting challenged on his point of view on Meghan Markle, quits.
*During the telling of the Piers Morgan catastrophe, I was sucked into a kids show theme song wormhole.

Ride into work song - Sick of You - Cake

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