#32 Debating the Drama Triangle with Harry, Meghan and The Firm

Mar 15, 10:00 AM
In this weeks podcast Rachael & John pull together their recent guests leadership essentials by taking a look at the Drama unfolding both sides of the water between Harry & Meghan and The Firm.

Leadership Essentials:

1. Never underestimate the power of a group and how much it can influence, however small in number 

2. Test your assumptions and be constantly aware of the potential for employee burnout; particularly as people often feel the need to “rescue the organisation.” 

3. Care in Leadership is about managing the difference between your intentions and their impact. We can often have the right intentions because we know what we intended, but that doesn’t stop them from having bad impact.

In the Coaching Approach they visit their fictional organisation and catch up with them during their latest team coaching session. The numbers aren’t looking good, Jackson is feeling frustrated and pointing the finger at Kim. She is looking tired and exhausted, - Janet is concerned about her and is worried that she might be in danger of burnout? John jumps to her defence.

Their Facilitator suggests they re-frame the situation by each giving their views on Harry & Meghan and The Firm as to where everyone is sitting on the Drama Triangle. On reflection everyone can start to see which seat they’ve been sitting on, and are surprised to find that they keep moving from Persecutor to Rescuer, and all feeling like they’re the Victim.