Talking Net Zero episode 8 - Leon Daniels

Mar 12, 07:41 AM
How sustainable travel ‘gives you your life back’

In a special edition, swaps notes with Sara Sloman, who hosts sister-ITT Hub podcast Talking Net Zero

This week Sara Sloman swaps notes with Leon Daniels OBE, who hosts the sister ITT Hub podcast Lunch with Leon.

The former MD Surface Transport at Transport for London engages in a wide-ranging, and lively chat in which he talks about the fear of not being able to use your car in Bristol and the topic of forcing people to change their travel behaviour.

Are we too hung up on on-street charging and is the on-street charging issue overblown, they debate, before they chatting about micro-mobility and why people on eScooters are happy. “You never see a jogger smiling,” observes Leon, while Sara explains the importance of how travel makes you feel. “Does it put a smile on your face?”

She explains the enjoyment of a journey, how underrated bus travel is for the ‘pleasure of the journey’ and why sustainable travel ‘gives you your life back’.

Is the solution for certain occasional travel car clubs? Sara and Leon swap tales about their car club experiences which include an egg, rubber gloves and an underground car park….

We also discover Sara’s ‘all-time gripe’ about ‘all-things-green and sustainable’, and find out about the contribution of a bottle of wine!