Episode 318 - Jello Biafra Part 2

Mar 13, 10:39 PM
JELLO’S BACK! That’s right, one of punk’s original firebrands returns to the show & oh boy, is it ever a good one!! Join Damian as he sits down with a feisty JELLO BIAFRA to discuss punk & politics as only Jello can. Listen in as the two friends talk: watching workout tapes with Zappa, getting cornered by Timothy Leary at Giger’s art show, going to war with Tipper Gore & so much more!! 

Not to be missed & don’t miss Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine’s awesome brand new album: “Tea Party Revenge Porn” out now on Alternative Tentacles!!! 

Also Touched On:

Jack Chic comics

The Dancing Assholes and the Faith Healers

GG Allin’s hardrock band

Lee Ving’s Psych band

Felt: the pre-Dickies band

Greg Sage’s band with a singin’ Wrestler

Hedge-fund record collectors

The censored acetate of “Too Dunk to *BEEP*”

The Greek DK’s record

The Beach Mutants

Toronto VS Vancouver 


Releasing the Eraserhead soundtrack

The Bad Brains

Working with Bob Last

Going to Australia

The Lime Spiders

Wrong Kind Of Stone-age

The Celibate Rifles

Meeting Hard-Ons after they were attacked by Skinheads

The Government was supposed to be on “Let Them Eat Jellybeans!”

“No Alice Cooper props!”: The surgical gloves

Having to be willing to fail on stage

The Husker Hotel: “Hi, we’re Husker Du and we’re here to stay!”

The Fartz 

Pushing potted plants in people’s faces

Debating the definition of punk

Ian and Henry shaving heads on the side of the stage

Mosh vs. Thrash and Slam

The Mudd Club sucking

The origin of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”

The night the British Movement attacked the Dead Kennedys and MDC in Lester

UK Mayhem 

Denver catches up

“This is war!”: the PMRC

“You are the victim”: meeting Zappa

Timothy Leary trying to get Jello to help with Al Jorgenson at a Giger exhibit 

Gwar shows up to save the day