The Grand Budapest Hotel

Mar 15, 04:01 AM
We've traveled a long way, so join us as we BOUNCE from In Bruges to The Grand Budapest Hotel via Ralph Fiennes. (No passport or reservation required)

(1:10 - 7:40) Mike pitches Harry a movie to watch (or stay away from) ... SPOILER ... it's an actual movie called Weekend at Bernies 2. 
(7:45 - 12:15) Mike and Harry give their quick takes on the first season of Wandavision.
(12:15 - 27:25) Mike and Harry discuss Wes Anderson's filmography. 
(27:25 - 48:50) The Grand Budapest Hotel (mild-to-severe SPOILERS). 

Where will we bounce to next week? Will it be "Brooklyn" with Saoirse Ronan? Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums"? ...or "Michael Clayton" with Tilda Swinton? 

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