Pocket Newsagent: An Article by Red Szell

Mar 17, 11:28 AM

Hear about RNIB Newsagent on RealSAM Pocket

One of the many advantages of RNIB In Your Pocket however is that it provides free access to the more-than 200 magazines and newspapers offered in accessible format by Newsagent; for which the annual subscription is usually £39.

The titles on offer include all the national broadsheets and red-tops, The Times, Guardian, Mail, Sun etc), and many popular magazine titles (including The Economist, The Oldie, Which, and a wide range of BBC publications).

There is also a fair sprinkling of local newspapers and special interest mags (including Beer!)

The search and selection process is similar to that for books or podcasts.  So a simple search might be: ‘Read me The Times newspaper’.