A Day in the Life of My Pocket: An Article by Red Szell

Episode 7,  Mar 17, 2021, 11:32 AM

In his latest article, find out how Red is using his Pocket to fill his weekends in lockdown.

”It’s Saturday as I write this; the week’s work is done and under the terms of my New Year’s resolution (which so far is holding strong) I am resisting the temptation to allow my work to spill over into the weekends. As so many people have discovered recently, working from home blurs the boundaries and, whether out of a desire to be busy and have a distraction from the news headlines, or because it is so easy to check my work emails when my RNIB laptop is so close to hand, I look back on 2020 as the year that my work/life balance was most definitely out of kilter.

Under normal circumstances I’d have lots of fun things to keep me busy on a Saturday, starting with a couple of laps of Highgate Men’s Pond and a slow stroll back over Hampstead Heath with a few of the other swimmers, but under lockdown there’s no hope of that. However rather than sulk about it, this morning I decided to ask Pocket to find me articles about wild swimming, and spent the next hour happily immersed in newspaper and magazine articles extolling the benefits of a life-affirming dip and suggesting a wish-list of locations to visit".