How the Democrats can Win in Ohio: Steve Phillips; plus Carol Sobel on Black Lives Matter vs. the LAPD

Mar 17, 10:00 PM
One of the senate seats being abandoned by a Republican incumbent is in Ohio.  Can Democrats win that seat?  It’s going to be hard.  Unlike North Carolina, which will also have an open Republican seat, Ohio has not been divided 50-50 recently.  For the last decade it has elected only one Democrat to statewide office--one of our heroes, Senator Sherrod Brown.  Steve Phillips thinks they can send a second Democrat to the Senate from Ohio next year—by following the Georgia playbook and focusing on turning out voters of color.  
Also: Black Lives Matter versus the LAPD: a new official report in Los Angeles says the police in LA violated the law by attacking and arresting BLM marchers in last summer’s protests. Civil rights attorney Carol Sobel explains.