The Norway Attacks - Anders Breivik

Mar 22, 04:00 AM
Tom and Ben are BACK with the Series 3 premiere! The boys head to the Summer of 2011 in order to explore an event that shocked and horrified the entire world. Anders Breivik and the July 22nd Norway Attacks.  

Was Breivik truly the lone composer of the attacks or did he have accomplices? Could Breivik have been prevented from entering Utoya island after the bomb blast in Oslo? How did so many survivors on the island manage to protect themselves and others from the attacks? Exactly how was Breivik apprehended - did he surrender or was he captured? And exactly how long was Breivik’s list of prison complaints?

Tune in and all will be revealed! 

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Written & presented by Tom Norris & Ben Carter | @nozzer89 @thisiscarts 
Produced by Dan Lambert at Boston Sound | @bstnsnd
Additional voice-over by Tom Turner
Additional research by Danielle St Romaine
Artwork & animation by Phil Whitton | @philwhitz
Opening theme by Alfie Indra | @alfieindra

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